SRM originally stood for Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual and addressed all aspects of upgrading and maintenance of existing sewer systems.  The publication history of the first four editions was:


  • First published - 1983
  • Reprinted with minor corrections - 1985
  • Second Edition published - 1986
  • Addenda to the Second Edition - 1990
  • Third Edition published - 1994
  • Fourth Edition published - 2001 

The 4th edition was published as both a paper based loose-leaf manual and in a limited functionality CD-ROM format. 

SRM now stands for Sewerage Risk Management and the first version of the new SRM was published on the web in 2006.  The first public access version of the website was in 2007. A revised version of the SRM website was launched in 2014.

Updated: 20/03/2013