The website contains all the content of the printed version but is not divided into Volumes as the SRM4 Manual was. One of the advantages of using a website is that a different structure for the information can be used which should be more convenient for users.

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Details of each option covers

Sewerage Management Planning

  •   Initialise the SMP
  •   Collate Information
  •   Risk Assessment
  •   Assessment Sufficient
  • Information Priority List
  • Information Gathering
  • Risk Priority List
  • Interventions Study
  • Intervention Priority List
  • Product and Update Plan     
  • Implementation

Sewer Renovation

  • Introduction to Sewer Renovation
  • Renovation Materials
  • Renovation Techniques
  • Repair Technicals
  •  Structural Design
  •  Specifications for Sewer Renovation
  •  Grouting
  •  Installation Issues
  •   Appendix A - Data Collection
  •   Appendix B - Design Examples


Surface Water Management

  •  Overview
  •  Preparation
  •  Risk Assessment
  •  Options
  •  Implement and Review