The driving force behind many environmental performance requirements in Europe comes from European Directives. Relevant current Directives include:

  • Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (CEC 1991)
  • Revised Bathing Waters Directive (CEC 2006)
  • Shellfish Water Directive (CEC 1979) - until 2013 when the Water Framework Directive will provide at least the same level of protection of shellfish waters
  • Habitats Directive (CEC 1992)
  • The Water Framework Directive (CEC 2000)

The implementation of the Water ramework Directive (CDC 2000) in particular requires a strategic requires a strategic approach to sewerage services management at all planning and operational levels below the river basin level. Clearly the speed and manner of addressing such matters will be established in conjunction with the UK regulators.

EN752, which details the European approach to planning sewerage upgrades (as part of CEN1997b) is currently being updated and deals with a number of the above issues in ourline. Publication of NE752 is due in 2007. 

Updated: /12/2012